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Wayne Farah
Director of Farah Associates Ltd.

Wayne is the Director of Farah Associates Ltd. Farah Associates Ltd works across the statutory and Third Sector delivering innovation in civic engagement through community organisational and personal development programmes.

Wayne has extensive experience in the public sector, having worked as a social worker, HR Professional and Senior Policy Officer within local government. He has over 25 years’ experience as a community organiser, and in the past has held senior positions in a range of community organisations including Chair of An Viet Housing Association, Somali Relief Association, Trustee of Medicine Du Monde UK and Vision Care for Homeless People. He is currently Chair of The Migrants Rights Network. Over ten years he held a Non-Executive Director position within NHS Primary Care Trust. During that time he has held various positions and responsibilities, including that of Chair of the Provider Board, Chair of the Performance Committee. Wayne was previously a Non-Executive Lay Member for Patient Engagement with Newham Health Partnership and currently with Newham CCG.