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Team Based Workshops

I create, innovate and deliver team based workshops. This addresses negative attitudes, poor communication, poor care, lack of respect for leadership and lack of teamwork. It also unites, empowers and bonds teams of staff together who once worked in silos against each other with poor outcomes.

The purpose of these workshops is to make a lasting and sustainable change to the attitudes and behaviours of groups of staff and teams.

Research shows that efficient team working is critical for the maintenance of staff moral and great patient care

This change can only be made by first establishing the issues at hand, which are often attributed to poor leadership or lack of respect for leadership, team skills and poor communication.

It is critical to establish a sense of pride within staff and celebrate the great things achieved every day as a result of their great effort. We need to break down barriers between all denominations and banding of NHS staff and concentrate on the team effort.

The NHS is defined by it's problems, never by it's achievements and my work is never negative and always celebrates the achievements of the NHS

I create and deliver one off workshops or a program of work such as the wonder ward program that has been hugely successful for orfgnisation in turning wards who have various challenges in to world calss wards or this could be as simple as a one day workshop defining a key challenge, issue or subject.

With one goal: to get the best outcome