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Organisation Development

There is a lot of depth and research behind Organisation Development, but there is also a lot of confusion. Organisation Development increases an Organisation's effectiveness and efficiency, and enables the organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

It is not training, personal development, team development or team building but is a planned and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisation performance through the involvement of its people. Because Organisation Development is about change it therefore involves the Organisation's people.

Everything starts with Organisation Development. Culture is how we do things. Organisation Development is strategic about how we steer the Organisation.

OD is orientated to improving Organisational effectiveness by:

Helping members of the organisation to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to solve problems by involving them in the change process, and

By promoting high performance including financial returns, high quality products and services, high productivity, continuous improvement and a high quality of working life.

  • OD applies to changes in the strategy, structure, and/or processes in the organisation
  • It is based on the application and transfer of behavioural science knowledge and practice (such as leadership, group dynamics and work design), and is distinguished by its ability to transfer such knowledge and skill so that the Organisation is capable of carrying out more planned change in the future.
  • It is concerned with managing planned change, in a flexible manner that can be revised as new information is gathered.
  • It involves both the creation and the subsequent reinforcement of change by institutionalising change.

Ashley has a certain style of delivery and huge experience in delivering Culture Change Programmes. Culture change program needs to steered by the OD.