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Culture Change

In recent years I have been requested to help create, innovate and deliver 2 of the NHS' largest culture change programs. 'Pride at BHRUT' to 6,500 staff and 'Changing Lives at Barts Health to 14,500 staff.

Culture change; the way we do things around here and the way we behave with each other, is some of the most important work carried out in any organisation. It directly delivers great staff experience, excellent patient experience and outcomes and also efficiencies and cost savings. This is only achievable if you have the right culture.

Finding the trigger that enables hearts and minds to cocreate, embrace and deliver a change of culture is the first step. The second is to make sure staff have ownership and are with the change. Thirdly we must look at great leadership.

The graph demonstrates measurements before, during and after the Max Hands Hygiene Campaign.

After 3 months at the end of the campaign there were no reported incidents of MRSA.

'The only standard that we need to be concerned with in the NHS is how we affect people's lives.'

Much of my work has been in an attempt to change the culture of the staff and restore pride in their work and their NHS. Through my work I like to remind people of the great achievements of the NHS rather than fixating on its various problems and shortcomings, and I like to remind people that they perform a valuable service to the community. In addition to this, I tackle the problem of bullying and harassment and those unable to voice their concerns either for fear of repercussions or being ignored. If we are to maintain our NHS then I believe that we must address the underlying culture of the system itself.

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