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Bespoke Facilitation

I can be called in to develop and to deliver workshops as well as to create, innovate and deliver bespoke facilitiation dependent on subject.

I provide patient and normal person view and am there to agitate and challenge and to get the best out of workshop.

All my workshops are based on your content, with my input. All my workshops will have a recognised outcome.

Trust Induction

I host and facilitate the monthly trust induction for BHRUT (Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust). After completely changing the language and the presentation BHRUT now have most probably the best Trust Induction in the NHS.

  • The Trust Induction is based on a huge welcome to the organisation.
  • What we are, what our culture is and what we expect from new NHS employees.
  • Delivered in a welcoming and engaging manner


I am engaged by various NHS trust organisations to deliver key note speeches at national events. I can deliver your key note message along with my reflections and my experiences. This can be offered as part of the day programme but also after dinner and at weekends.

The NHS is defined by it's problems, never by it's achievements and my work is never negative and always celebrates the achievements of the NHS